Back from beyond

published 13 Oct 2013
Hanging out with my newest nephew Gabriel Asoka Chekov Feeney in London (photo: Pia Feeney)

In my last post I promised to answer some question about the brain and how it deals with the overwhelming complexity of its environment. It’s now over three weeks late. I apologise for falling so far behind in my publishing schedule. September and early October turned out to be a very busy time for me: 2 funding applications to fill in and a long journal article about some very interesting research that I've been working on. I also had a trip to London, Athens and Bucharest, to visit some of my siblings, nephews and nieces in the middle of it all. Then, last week, I turned 40 which prompted my fourth mid-life crisis. Happily I wasn't able to afford a Harley Davidson, so had to make do with a bottle of whiskey.

Anyway, that's all behind me now and I'm properly back in the saddle (although it's a saddle of a rusty push bike, not a Harley).

My other excuse is that the brain article proved to be tricky to write in an accessible manner. It eventually grew into a considerably longer piece than I had predicted. However, it's finished now and ready to be published. So, I'm ready to resume my publishing journey and, hopefully, I'll be able to stick to my original plan and keep on publishing at least one original story a week from now on.

This week, I will publish the conclusion of my brain article in 2 pieces, which will appear on Monday and Wednesday. I'm confident that I'll keep these deadlines as I've already finished the writing and just need to do the decorative stuff (adding pictures and so on). Then next week, I'll return to my personal narrative and begin a series of stories about the far left and my early involvement in it.

I'll also finally be getting around to publishing my media-analysis articles that were originally published in Village Magazine. The first one appears today and can be found here.

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ahhh....what a lovely photo. Gabriel might like this when he is a little older...