Launching phase 2

published 03 Jun 2013

1 month down already - only another 11 to go.

We've had a public-holiday weekend in Ireland and it's been warm and sunny.  This is an exceedingly rare confluence of events, so I've slightly neglected my posting schedule.  Please forgive my self-indulgence, it's unlikely to happen too often.

The first month of my year-long narrative is complete.  14 posts were published, 12 of which were reasonably substantial pieces. The feedback was generally very good - thanks to everybody who left encouraging comments, they help to motivate me a lot!  In the first phase I didn't really try to publicise the blog beyond my immediate social networks - twitter and facebook.  Nevertheless traffic levels were surprisingly good - 250,000 page impressions in the month - although I think that about 40% of them were from rogue search engines.

As I move into month 2, I'm launching the second phase of this publishing experiment.  So far, the site has just been a simple blog.  I'm now going to add several sections and start to factor the material out into different streams:

  1. My story - the mainline of my narrative, describing my personal and political journey
  2. My theory - the political-scientific theory that I've developed along the way
  3. Media - a compilation of my writings over the year about the media and the stuff that I've published in the media
  4. Research - the various research papers, themes, etc that I've published over the years and commentaries on them

I'm going to continue publishing drafts of all my new writing to my blog and invite comments.  Once these drafts have been published for a couple of weeks, I'll copy updated and improved versions to the specific sections of the site where they will find a permanent home.  I'll keep that pattern up throughout the year.  

It's going to take me a few days to get all of this in place.  When it comes to computers, everything takes slightly longer than you expect, and there are many things, so delays accumulate.  I'm already slightly behind with my publishing schedule, but once the technical stuff is in place, it should be pretty straightforward from there on in as I won't be changing the structure substantially after that.  I will still be adding various minor features as I go along. I'm also going to start publicising the site a little bit beyond my personal networks - nothing dramatic, just posting it to blog aggregators and stuff like that. 

Hence, my next installment will be slightly delayed while I put the technical changes in place - it will be published on Friday morning.   My first theoretical piece will be published early next week and my media stuff will also start to appear from early next week and should come thick and fast after that. 

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Did Bear watch the 'Secret life of the Cat' on BBC last week ? :-)

chekov's picture

The picture is of Bear's mother Boo, viewing a picture of her younger self in a handbag and, naturally, trying to attack it. Boo is a psychopath.

(for anybody who's wondering what the hell I'm talking about, Bear is the name of my current cat)


I stand corrected :-)