Forward to the future, comrades!

published 25 Jul 2013
Ciara McMeel

I'm now almost 3 months into my publishing adventure. So far, I've published 28 posts, 18 personal narrative stories, 3 theoretical pieces and 7 site updates. That's a total of about 50,000 words: a little more than I expected, but a pretty good rate of output. I'm a little bit behind in terms of my schedule, but not by much and I'll make it up. I'm still confident that I'll be able to get it all out within the year, I anticipate it will amount to a total of about 350,000 words by the end: Anna Karenina rather than War and Peace. Many of the early pieces, that I've published so far, were written from scratch, which takes a while (!). From late-September onwards, the pace will increase as most of that material for that period has already been written and is in a reasonably complete state.

Before I started writing all of this stuff down, I divided up my story into 5 distinct periods, each with a sort of theme.  I am coming to the end of the first period, which lasted from January 1995 until the middle of 1997. It started with me becoming interested in anarchist politics and then setting off on a series of journeys to try to discover what I could about anarchism and what was out there in the world beyond the small, culturally conservative island I found myself on.  I think of that as a discovery period.  It came to an end in Lyon, when I came into contact with the Fédération Anarchiste.  From then on, I moved away from the counter-cultural world in which I had been travelling into a new world, the world of the far left.  That second period lasted from mid 1997 until the end of 1999, I call it my foot-soldier period, or "Comrade Chekov".  The next couple of months will be about that period.

In one way this will involve a change of tone.  There will be less exotic dancing girls and more meetings.  Sounds exciting!  Some readers may be more interested in my travel adventure stories and less interested in the politics, in which case, they might give this section a miss and return in late September, when the third period starts (which I call "Chekov the Apostle").  It sees me return to the world of travel and takes me through some 40 countries on various foolhardy adventures through the global South.  Those stories will run from late September until the end of the year.  I'm going to keep the topics of the 4th and 5th periods mysterious for the moment. 

Although the Comrade Chekov stories that I'm going to start publishing at the start of August are all about leftist politics, I'm going to try to keep them accessible for general readers who may not have much knowledge about the minutae of politics or a particular interest in the left.  I'm going to write them sort of like a travelogue with the travel being cultural rather than geographic - a trip into a new world that happens to live on my doorstep.   So, even if political geekery isn't your thing, hopefully you will find them interesting and amusing at least. 

In the immediate future, the next 3 stories that I will publish are reflective pieces about the counter-cultural world that I was moving away from, the far-left world that I was moving into, and an introduction to the world of scientific research that I also moved into at the same time.  They're sort-of-theoretical-lite. 

In terms of the other strands of material that I'm publishing, the proper theoretical stuff will continue to tick along - the next two articles are about rationality and classification.  They will appear in August and September. 

I'm going to keep on filling out my media archives.  I've just added a new article there - although it's a video rather than an article.  Between 2001 and 2005, I used to do a bit of camera and video-editing work and this is an example of the sort of stuff that I did - I'll add more videos eventually. 

I'm going to be introducing a few new technical features during August too.Some of them are snazzy.

Finally, if any readers have any suggestions, enquiries or whatever about the site, the content or this publishing plan, here would be a good place to mention them.

Thanks for all of the encouragement and comments - I really appreciate them, so please keep them coming! 


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Hi Chex,

just a small thing. Add a list of recent comments to each post page. For example I can't see recent comments onthis page.

chekov's picture

I've updated the comment format too to add some more info.


I'm really enjoying your postings - have read everyone and am learning new things from you along the way - so thank you. ...I see you managed to find a suitable cat picture after all :-)


It's all really interesting Chekov. And very well written...

Conor M

I'm really enjoying this and I'm looking forward to Comrade Chekov's stories.

Eoghan Ryan

Is there somewhere that comments are listed chronologically? Perhaps a more button at the bottom of the 5 most recent comments section? Otherwise it is hard to trace new comments if there have been 5 or more in a short space of time.


Really enjoying the pieces so far. Fantastic initiative. Keep them coming.